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Senior Living Housing is Exploding
by Roger Becker

Every day 10,000 people turn 75 in this country. And there are more people in their 80’s and 90’s than at any other point in history. That’s why there’s an insatiable demand for senior housing, especially quality senior housing. Today’s guest, Paul Griffin, is CEO of Griffin Living, a national developer of quality senior living that builds great communities that are also safe for residents given todays health concerns around Covid 19.

How to Earn 12% Return and Help Low Income Families Afford a Home
by Roger Becker

Investing in real estate can be lucrative and now you can become a philanthroinvestor. A philanthroinvestor changes the world through their investments. Todays guest, Ivan Anz, is founder of Equity & Help, a company that puts lower to middle income families on their way to homeownership and at the same time creates hefty returns for investors. Equity & Help is also an Inc 100 fastest growing company.

Sunny Days for Sunglass Company Shady Rays
by Roger Becker

Sunglasses are really cool, but running a successful sunglasses company is even cooler.  Todays guest started an ecommerce sunglasses company out of his home while still working a full-time job. He is now selling over a million pair of sunglasses per year. Chris Ratterman, founder and CEO of Shady Rays, has created a wildly successful company that is continuing to grow.

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