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Awesome! Great Stuff!

It's inspiring as it tackles the stories of the entrepeneurs and how it moulded them to be where they are right now.

Great Host

Roger is a great host, asks good questions. Well done.

Worth it

This is like reading a great biography. It’s the story of an entrepreneur and their journey Each episode weaves the tale of their career and the sector or market they have chosen to focus on. Love it!

Excellent podcast on Entrepreneurial Success

This ranks up there with the best entrepreneurial podcasts like 'How I Built This', and 'Built to Sell'. The host, Roger Becker, has a great voice & interviewing style. He asks great questions and is able to dig deep with the guests to understand how they overcame challenges and built huge $$$ businesses. The audio quality is excellent and the conversations are well-paced. This is a definite must for anyone who wants to build a successful business.

Achieve a higher level of success!

Tune in to Roger Becker and guests to achieve a higher level of success. Inspiration and insights that transform businesses and lives. Karen Briscoe, author and podast host 5 Minute Success