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I’m enjoying listening Good guests plus the host Roger asks intuitive simple but effective questions and so it’s a good way to learn and expand knowledge. Keep up the good work!

Awesome real estate podcast with an engaging host

Roger is the type of interviewer who takes a genuine interest in his guests and truly wants to learn from them. This is the value of this podcast you get to learn from experts in the field alongside the host, who is also curious and thirsts for knowledge.

Great insights

Impressed by the show’s longevity, as well as the top-tier guests. Really enjoyed the recent episode with Michael Episcope.

Excellent! Educational!

Stumbled across this one and found it to be really smart and educational. The host is humble and droll—reminding you that he is doing this pod to learn. Really all about alt investments—lots of teal estate conversation. If you want to learn without feeling like you are being sold to, this is a winner.

top notch investing education

Roger has a unique take on investing and offers listeners of the podcast some great insights to assist them on thier real estate investing journey. Every episode is full of wisdom from people who know thier stuff. Highly recommended!

These Brilliant Conversations Are A Gift

I love this podcast. Roger is so intelligent and human. He's a masterful raconteur with an uncanny ability to elicit great business information and personal stories from his guests. His interviews are funny and add tons of value. Thank you Roger.

Great podcast for learning just what you need to know

Really enjoyed both listening to and being interviewed on Street Smart Success. Great podcast for learning how to take action.


One of my new fav podcasts!

Tremendous show, always topical and informative!

Love how this show take a longer-format approach to take deep dives into important and topical business items!

Inspiring and intriguing

Great questions, good flow. Excellent guests. Roger does a great job!

Great Host! Great Casual Conversation

Really enjoyed talking with Roger. His show is down to earth and provides excellent information. Definitely should take the time to check this out!

Awesome! Great Stuff!

It's inspiring as it tackles the stories of the entrepeneurs and how it moulded them to be where they are right now.

Great Host

Roger is a great host, asks good questions. Well done.

Worth it

This is like reading a great biography. It’s the story of an entrepreneur and their journey Each episode weaves the tale of their career and the sector or market they have chosen to focus on. Love it!

Excellent podcast on Entrepreneurial Success

This ranks up there with the best entrepreneurial podcasts like 'How I Built This', and 'Built to Sell'. The host, Roger Becker, has a great voice & interviewing style. He asks great questions and is able to dig deep with the guests to understand how they overcame challenges and built huge $$$ businesses. The audio quality is excellent and the conversations are well-paced. This is a definite must for anyone who wants to build a successful business.

Achieve a higher level of success!

Tune in to Roger Becker and guests to achieve a higher level of success. Inspiration and insights that transform businesses and lives. Karen Briscoe, author and podast host 5 Minute Success